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Originally Posted by RedHat39

Real customer unbiased review

I`ve been using Jeff`s hosting and autoresponder service for just about a year now. I suppose I was one of his first few hosting clients. Anyway, Jeff`s (Vendor-Lock) services have more than met my needs. Sure there were some glitches and bugs at first but he was quick to jump on them and get them squared away really quick.

Oh and just so you know, he is correct about emails from his service hitting the inbox better than AWeber. I can send out the exact same emails through both Jeff`s service and aweber and only the email sent through the Vendor-Lock service hits the inbox every time where as the same email sent through aweber will end up in either the spam or promotions tab.

For the price Jeff is offering here this is a no-brainer folks. In fact it`s cheaper than what I`m paying.
Originally Posted by Sumarg
Hey Jeff,

this offer is simply irresistible. Buying NOW!


Originally Posted by MasonRamm

Another awesome deal Jeff...

I`ve been a longtime customer and fan of yours and highly recommend your offers to others.

Anyway just purchased and can`t wait for you to install the autoresponder part and let me know when its ready so i can use it asap
Originally Posted by munstersg01

Just would like to drop by to post some review of my purchase (I paid for my purchase and was not given any review copy neither did Jeff nor his team approach me for a review).

If you require a shared hosting account with autoresponder features and great support I would recommend Vendor Lock.

The set up was fast for me and I immediately got several customer service emails with regards to my account (which goes to show me that Jeff set up the system such that only after each task completion then a specific email for that task was emailed to me) and unannounced bonuses which was a pleasant surprise for me.

The bonuses are valued way more than what I pay for my web hosting and autoresponder so Jeff and team thanks. I really appreciate the kind gesture.

The support was also responsive when I sent in a request to test the response.

The Cpanel was as described and the hosting for the past few days from playing around with it installing some scripts and add on domains as good as other webhosting companies such as Hostgator, Hostmonster etc.

I do web design stuffs and have used several different web hosting companies to host my clients` websites and am a affiliate for a couple so I can vouch for Vendor Lock as a viable alternative if not a better choice of web hosting in particular for marketers.

Jeff has been around in the internet marketing for quite awhile so I am quite confident that his service is stable and reliable to provide service for many years to come.

Take a look at some of Jeff`s comments, he is serious about his business and takes the effort to provide as clear explanation as possible, great service and I would highly recommend.

Warmest regards,
Originally Posted by smoothunit
Hey Jeff,

Just wanted to say a massive thank you for your help with setting me up even though I mistakenly used 2 emails during the sign-up process. Cpanel, Hosting and the Autoresponder are fantastic, quick and very easy to use.

Credit where credit is due- thanks again for your hard work.
Originally Posted by CarlosFarfan2012
Awesome service and my site has been set up very fast!

thumbs up

Thank you!
Originally Posted by seomike


Thanks Jeff for the fast setup!!
Originally Posted by Toby Henderson

my site speed jumped 10
points because of your servers... Holy Crap Order This DUDES PRODUCT IMMEDIATELY, This is really good for SEO bro site setup was smooth as can be... When I got all of the modules I was BLOWN AWAY ...

I cannot belive this deal you really SHOULD RAISE THE PRICE at least $50 bucks starting with the next customer... I have seen and bought TONS of deals online and This ONE is legit... Not only that but they seem to have a LIGHTNING FAST support team to get you dialed in...

When I realized this deal came with an auto responder and I NO LONGER HAD TO FORK OVER CASH for AWEBBER... I almost S**t myself... Act now before this dude comes To His senses and raises the price Seriously.

P.S. Thanks Jeff I really appreciate all the help going forward with my niche I might be a great business man but I am a E-Mail Marketing Newb. See Attached Photo from my wp admin panel... of 96/100 site speed... wooo hoo !

Originally Posted by freeabs

Best Customer Service in WF... Jeff takes his business seriously and you can be sure that he will take yours seriously too...
Great job!
Originally Posted by infoinasec

I recently purchased the annual package and just wanted to let everyone know that it is awesome.
It was set up quickly, Jeff answered my (stupid) question in a timely fashion and he way over-delivered in terms of value. I am happy to pay him for this super mega ultra platinum service!!!
Originally Posted by KevUK

I had been watching this thread for a little while & when I was ready to go ahead I sent Jeff a few questions. He responded very quickly & answered everything in detail.

At 11.30am UK time this morning I placed order for the full year pack including new domain name. By 12.20 I had received a total of 7 of e-mails confirming my purchase, details for my hosting & Cpanel, & notification of Auto Responder being set up.

A total of 40 minutes for completion of all aspects of my order is more than impressive. A factor I should mention is given the time zone difference, I think Jeff is 8 hours behind UK time & with some of the manual work he undertakes adds an even more mighty ranking to his service in my opinion.

There are many bonuses you get, & there appears to be quite a bit of training behind the scenes, but as of yet I am unable to give full details as not had full chance to view.

So far I am Very happy I decided to go ahead with my order.

Now I am off to install WordPress & set up my new website. Fingers crossed

Many thanks Jeff

Originally Posted by kennyreigh

I purchased the yearly package, and I am pleased with my purchase. I am a newbie, so I will probably have to use WordPress for my sites. There is no difficulty, but perhaps a small learning curve, if I choose too use the preloaded template. Everything is adequately explained in the videos, so no problem there. Just for the power alone of the AutoResponder, it leaves no room for disappointment, and is a must have, if you want to save money, and have a larger playing field for email distribution.
I highly recommend it! A+

Originally Posted by wkwok
I have purchased for over a month now. I mainly purchase for the autoresponder and use it for wordpress websites. I have to compare the prices with other web hosting services i have been with. To summarize "This is the best deal i ever had!". The basic Hostgator webservice cost me $60 a year with 1 website only and the basic Namecheap webservice cost me $48 a year for up to 5 websites. This package cost only 39.99 and it provide unlimited domains accommodation with a free register domain, autoresponder, many extra bonuses and i love it.
I like the auto bounce clean up feature for autoresponder so i don`t need to manually deleted non-valid emails that opt in, therefore will save me a lot of time.I ran into problems in the beginning but on the customer support, I get quality customer service and problem solved. Now everything is running smoothly with no problems. Genuinely Overall I am very satisfied.
Thanks Jeff Noyes!


Originally Posted by Trembeleys

Just stopping in to give the first assessment of Mr. Noyes WSO. I have had the chance to spend about an hour on my new Hosting Plan. After finding a link to Vendor-Lock in the fall I was ecstatic to see the WSO offer. I admit that I am comfortable with the back offices that I have been using while learning the past year.
However, something about the nature of the explanation videos and the e-mails I received in the fall made me feel that there would be no shame in calling him up with some of the questions that have marked the year in growth.
When I woke this morning, there were six emails in my inbox, and not many extra words in there. He has created a quite a product, but I think I found the one flaw:
Twelve pages of testimonials definitely isn`t enough.

Thanks Jeff Noyes for a great deal, and for being informative while overdelivering.

I am excited to force myself out of the norm (cpanel + wordpress). No reason to be self limiting.

Thomas Stanbrough

Originally Posted by ritaj
Just wanted to say again a big THANK YOU for a great product and service.
Had my account for a while now, and have to say I am delighted. Did have one
hiccup, but that was sorted very quickly and professionally. I do not know
how they do it for the price, but if anyone is wondering if it can be worth it,
I can assure them this is one of the best deals on the internet!
Originally Posted by ccstudio

Fantastic service, quick install and great customer service when you need it. Even on a Sunday.

Thanks Jeff, Great job.

Brad Dixon
Originally Posted by kiksworks

Hello Warriors,

I want to thank Jeff for this service, for the good support, help and patience also for THE UNEXPECTED BONUS. you saved me a lot of money, with out doubt it was the best deal ever for me and am very happy with it.

again thank you so much.
Originally Posted by dremy154

Here`s My Review of Vendor-Lock (thus far):

Ok, so I ordered, and chose to use an EXPIRING domain that I had just purchased from Godaddy.

I have bought EXPIRED domains before, but never expiring domains.

Come to find out, the domain will not be available for 2 weeks, so I had to contact Jeff and request that the domain that I signed up with be changed because I couldn`t access it to change the domain name servers to vendor-lock.

Jeff took my support request, and this after 11pm, and proceeded to fulfill my request; little did he or I know that there would be some issues.

No matter. Jeff worked and worked for over an hour to make sure that I got what I paid for. I felt bad bcuz I knew it was late, but I could tell that he just wasn`t going to let it go until everything was right.

The customer service is second to none in my opinion.

Customer service is half of the game; honoring what you say...Jeff does exactly that. If needed, he will personally take care of you.

I will post more later on the Auto-responder aspect and hosting later, after I get into it, but if you are wondering what kind of service you will get for such a low price....think AMAZING!


Cancel Any Time !

Annual Plan Below

Cancel Any Time !
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